Tips for Trinis:When to travel in 2018

Trinidad and Tobago has an insane number of public holidays, we’re actually in the top five countries with the most public holidays in the world.  This work/life balance becomes even sweeter when the holidays align and result in 3 or even 4-day-long weekends.

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In the interest of planning ahead, I have put together a couple of weekends in 2018 which are perfect for travel. Most of these are really ideal for short trips – whether the trips are quick or slow paced is entirely up to you, but I won’t advise that you go too far. Travelling long distances increases the likelihood of missing connections or spending too much time travelling and returning home exhausted like I did when I went to New York for the weekend. Trips to another Caribbean island or even some parts of South America may be ideal.

Most people get between 7-15 vacation days per year. I have realised that many people don’t believe in spending money to go to another country for less than a week which is understandable. I suppose it really depends on what you want out of your vacation – I’ve never gone to another country to lounge at an all inclusive hotel and relax but I get why many people picture this as the ideal vacation.

If you’d like to see another country or just get away for a while, instead of taking all your vacation days at one time, if you can, maybe try something new in 2018. Use this list as a guide and once you can afford to, make that one long trip into two shorter ones (or three short ones). You can also use it as a guide to help you plan one short trip for the year.

Let’s have a look at the potential weekends to get our lah hay on!

1. Carnival Weekend (Saturday February 10- Tuesday February 13, 2018)

(4 day vacation minimum)

If you think it’s blasphemous to leave Trinidad and Tobago during Carnival you can skip to number 2, but Carnival is one of the best in this listing because you can take the trip without taking any days off from work. According to your travel plans, you can actually leave on Carnival Friday after work and head straight to your vaca spot – this way you get an extra night to either explore the nightlife in the country or rest and wake up ready to go on Saturday morning. Again, according to your plans you can fly back in on Ash Wednesday morning and head straight to work! I did this last Carnival for my Barbados trip and wasn’t that exhausted afterward.

Now, if you have vacation days, you can take 3 of those and actually return the Sunday after Carnival. This gives you a 9 day vacation! Note that Ash Wednesday next year falls on Valentines Day – perfect opportunity to do a ‘baecation’ or treat yourself and do a solo trip!

giphy (14).gif

2. Easter Weekend (Friday March 30 – Monday April 2)

(4 day vacation minimum)

Easter weekend is of course a popular time to travel. You can again look for a flight that leaves on Holy Thursday night to maximise your vacation time without missing work. This gives you 4 days of vacation! With Good Friday and Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day falling on the same day (Friday March 30) next year, the country will be in such a celebratory mood that you could even possibly extend your trip to Tuesday without too much concern.

3. Indian Arrival/Corpus Christi Weekend (Wednesday May 30- Sunday June 3)

(5 day vacation minimum) 

Required leave from work : 1 day

One of those magical moments where holidays align, this long weekend is a full 5 day vacation, the only catch – you have to take one vacation day from work (Friday June 1, 2018). With 5 days, you can take your chances and head to somewhere like Panama or Jamaica (USD$550+) or Grenada or St Vincent (USD$215+). This is a nice opportunity for a late Mother’s Day trip or a much needed short vacation if 2018 has been more on the stressful side.

4.  Eid/ Labour Day weekend (Friday June 15- Tuesday June 19)

(5 day vacation minimum)

Required leave from work : 1 day

Perfect for a mid year holiday BUT maybe don’t quote me on this one as the number of days may change if the date for Eid al-Fitr 2018 changes. If it does change, you can leave on Saturday June 16 instead (or on the Friday night after work). Either way, you’ll have to take Monday June 18, 2017 off from work. With 5 days off though, you can have some quick paced days and one or two relaxing days during your vacation. This way when you return home on Tuesday evening you won’t be too exhausted.

5. Christmas/ New Years weekend (Saturday December 22- Wednesday Jan 2, 2019)

(12 day vacation minimum) 

Required leave from work: 4 days

If you really want to travel in 2018 but it may take some time to save toward the trip, this is perfect for you. Twelve days is a solid amount of time to see a country (or two) but this amount of time requires you missing Trini Christmas. If this is something you’d rather not do, you can leave on Boxing Day and return on January 2 which gives you 8 days which is still good. If you’d rather not take 4 days leave from work you can return home on New Years Day but you may not want to spend the first day of the year on a plane.

There you have it! Five opportunities for travel in 2018! They of course assume that you work a Monday-Friday week but whether you have vacation days or not, you can take advantage of one of these weekends if possible.

If one of them have caught your eye and you’d like to have a look at flight prices, have a read of my post on Google Flights as a trusted flight tracker. You can also use on of my trusted Travel Planners to plan that trip right! If you’re thinking of possible places have a read of my trips on the homepage. Happy lah haying 🙂



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