Tips: Gifts for Travel Lovers

So you’re a last minute Christmas shopper.

Trust me, I’m not judging, it’s a week before Christmas and I’ve bought a grand total of one present. I do have a long list of things I’d love to have for Christmas though, and they’re 95% travel related. If you have a travel lover in your life and you’re still wondering what to get them, look no further. I’ve put together a list of potential gifts to fit different pockets which almost every lah hay lover will appreciate! Travel is expensive so you may not be able to buy them tickets, luggage or fancy cameras but you probably can afford one of these.

Packing cubes – $20 USD+


Truthfully I’m still on the fence about how necessary these are, but I know many people who swear by them. They’re great for helping people pack smart, make packing and unpacking easier and aid in finding things easily while on your vacation. If you know a super organised travel lover, they’ll love these. Even if they have a set already they’ll be excited about a brand new one!

Passport Cover – $15 USD

Find Open Palette Deigns on IG

This is a great opportunity to get the traveller in your life something they’ll love! I have one and I want another! They’re easy to find on Amazon but for a great quality and completely customizable one, you can check out Open Palette Designs. They’re based in Trinidad but ship around the region and worldwide.


Travel Document Holders – $20 USD+

2016-Portable-Full-Closure-Zipper-Travel-Organiser-Passport-Holder-Wallet-Full-Closure-Zip-Document-Bag-Travel.jpgFor travellers who tend to be all over the place and misplace important travel documents, these are perfect. No digging in handbags for your boarding pass, all travel documents are in one place. Open Palette Designs which I mentioned above has these! You can get the person matching passport and travel document holders or mix and match. Different types are also available online.


Microfibre towels/Sheet covers – $8  USD+

For the lah hay backpacker in your life who lives for hostels, these microfibre towels which come in different sizes take up little space in luggage but do wonders after a bath! The sheet covers also come in handy, as they protect from the load of unquestionable things that can be found on all types of hotel, guest house and hostel bed sheets.


Luggage Tags – $10 USD+

Everyone wants to be able to identify their luggage easily – especially when it’s one of the eighty, medium sized, black suitcases on the baggage carousel. Get them a brightly coloured or customized luggage tag! You can go to town and get one to match their passport cover and/or travel document holder or just get the tag. Open Palette Designs has some really nice ones and they’re quite affordable online.


Travel Bags – $32 USD+

Luggage is expensive. Good ones that can survive the beating they often receive when you part with them at check in are a great investment, so many times people close their eyes and pay the gazillion dollars for a suitcase. It’s therefore understandable if you can’t get them luggage but there are smaller bags which lah hay lovers will be grateful for.

Quaint by GSC duffel bag

From duffel bags and backpacks to cross body bags and wristlets, they all come in extremely handy as carry ons or day bags. My top pick here would be Quaint by GSC. Her bags are affordable and amazing, I’ve been meaning to get one for a long time. She’s based in Jamaica and ships worldwide.


Carry on containers – $6 USD+

download (1)These are life saving. They’re great for short trips so that the person doesn’t have to check in their luggage because of the liquid rule and are also good for travellers who want to have spare toiletries in their carry on. These are very reasonably priced and available at large pharmacies and online. Really useful gift!

Travel savings bank – $20 USD or less


This is great for old school travellers who want to put all their spare change toward their trips. Get them a travel savings bank! If you’re feeling fancy you can actually make one of these yourself. If not, they’re available online!

AirBnb Gift Certificate – $25 USD+

This may be my favourite gift suggestion. With an AirBnb gift card you’re giving the traveller in your life free or heavily discounted accommodation at any destination of their choice. How great is that? It’s super easy to use and it doesn’t expire.


Water bottle – $12 USD+

Having a water bottle while exploring saves a lot of money (according to where you’re travelling). Travellers can walk with an empty water bottle and fill it up after going through security. They’ll save money on overpriced airport bottled water and have a cute water bottle to strut with! You can even get a collapsible one to save space.

Travel Journal – $10 USD+


After leaving my journal behind while in Brazil and having to write using the Notes app on my phone, I vowed to never ever travel without my journal again. For the doodlers, writers or posers in your life, a travel journal is a great gift. You can get a travel specific journal or one with a nice cover – anything works. What matters is that the person has somewhere to put all their memories, questions and random thoughts when winding down during their vacation.

Just in case you already got Christmas gifts or you can’t source the gift you’d like in time for Christmas, a late Christmas gift never hurt anyone (especially when it’s something they’ll love). You can also opt to give them as a birthday gift in 2018. Either way, these are some gifts which I think lah hay lovers will appreciate greatly.

Anything else you you’d add to this list? Comment below!

When wrapping the gift be sure to leave a note and tell them happy lah haying!






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