Cheapest trips you can take for the June long weekend

Another long weekend is on the horizon! Times like this I thank the good Lord that I’m from Trinidad. If traveling is on your list of things to do this year, then using a long weekend for your trip is a great idea. Read why here.

In order to give yourself some time to save, I suggest focusing on the June 2018 long weekend (June 15-19, 2018) which gives you a five day vacation (you’ll need to take Monday June 18 off of work).

To make that lah hay a reality I’ve made a list of the cheapest places to travel to from POS, Trinidad for the June 2018 long weekend.

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As I mentioned in my post on how I afford to travel, if you want to travel more, sometimes it’s good to start with what you can afford. Many of the countries I never thought about visiting (but decided to because it was cost effective) have become my favourite places to visit. Sticking within your budget and being realistic are so important when planning a trip.

To make life easier I’ve separated the list into two categories ; plane tickets which will cost $2000- $2500 TTD ($300-350 USD) and tickets which will cost $3000-3500 TTD ($400 USD~)

If you can afford a more expensive trip then you can use Google Flights to have a look at destinations like Jamaica, Panama and Cuba. If you’re about the budget travel life then see below.


All trips are for dates: Friday June 15 – Tuesday June 19, 2018 unless stated otherwise.


Trips that will cost $2000 ~ (plane tickets only)

 Barbados – $1,674 TTD

If I was travelling for the June long weekend, Bim would be my first choice. You’ll leave on Friday afternoon on Liat with a short layover in St Vincent and land in Barbados two hours afterward.

Barbados has this great mix of the sand, sun and beautiful sea and there’s also The Gap for good food and decent nightlife and a whole lot to see and do. Stay in an AirBnb to keep costs low. Have a read of my lah hay to Bim for inspo!

Snorkel with turtles and fish to a shipwreck in Barbados!

If you rather a direct flight and longer stay, you can opt for the Caribbean Airlines flight which will take you to Bim early Friday morning and bring you back to Trinidad on Tuesday night. That flight is much more expensive though.

Find the suggested flight itinerary here. 

St Vincent and the Grenadines – $1,574 TTD

If you’re looking for more relaxation, amazing beaches, views, waterfalls, a hike to the top of a volcano and island hopping then Vincy is the place for you. While there isn’t much of a nightlife, you’ll still have options of bars and ‘clubs’ on Friday and Saturday night. You can also take the ferry over to Bequia and a catamaran cruise to Tobago Cays or any other Grenadine island. SVG is ridiculously beautiful and there are affordable hotel options. Have a read of my lah hay to Vincy for inspo. You can also check out my IG page for more Vincy info.

View from Fort Duvernette, a quick boat ride from St Vincent.

You’ll leave on Friday afternoon with Liat Airlines and return home on Tuesday night (both direct flights). If you rather leave with Caribbean Airlines to use miles or accumulate miles that flight is just about $35 TTD more.

Find the suggested flight itinerary here.

Grenada – $1,547 TTD

I’m returning to Grenada for the first time in six years later this year. This is a big deal for me as I visited Grenada quite often as a child.

Like SVG, Grenada gives an option for an island hop (there are two islands off Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique) along with beautiful beaches, nature and adventure activities like river tubing, jeep tours and snorkeling and some nightlife.

Sunset at Grand Anse Beach on my last trip to Grenada

For this trip I’d actually recommend leaving on the late flight on Thursday night (June 14). This increases accommodation costs and the flight is also a bit more expensive but it gives you a full day on Friday. If you can’t do that then you’ll leave on Friday night and return home on Tuesday morning. You’ll fly there on Liat and return home on Caribbean Airlines.

Find the suggested flight itineraries here and here.

Guyana – $2,152 TTD

I have never been to Guyana before, the closest I’ve gotten was my trip to Suriname. I have heard though that the food in Guyana is great. I included Guyana in this list because it’s different to the others. It won’t be your typical relax on the beach vacation. Guyana is rich in biodiversity as it’s on the South American continent so there’ll be jungle tours, rainforest visits, a trip to one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world and even a visit to an Amerindian village.

You’ll leave for Georgetown on Friday morning and return home on Tuesday afternoon (both direct flights on Caribbean Airlines).

Find the suggested flight itineraries here.

St Lucia – $2,293 TTD

St. Lucia is beautiful! As I mentioned in my blog post, I really do feel like we sleep on St Lucia. Bars and ‘clubs’ have a great vibe, food is good and there’s a lot to do. From a day trip out to Soufrière (volcano), snorkeling, Gros Islet Friday nights, catamaran trips, a drive-in volcano (only one in the world) and a mud bath at the Sulphur Springs you won’t be bored!

Rodney Bay in SLU! Don’t spend all your time at the beach though – see the country and make sure you to Gros Islet Friday Nights!

You’ll leave on Friday afternoon with Liat Airlines with a brief layover in Barbados and return on Tuesday afternoon with a short layover in St. Vincent.

Find the suggested flight itinerary here.

If you’ve maybe already been to the countries above or you’re looking outside of the Eastern Caribbean then flights become a bit more expensive. 

Trips that will cost $3000 ~ (ticket price only)

Puerto Rico – $3,307 TTD

You’ll need a US Visa for this trip. If you have one and you’re not really feeling to go to North America, I think Puerto Rico is a great option. It’s a good opportunity to throw yourself into a different culture – explore San Juan, head to the rainforest, discover art museums, take a ferry to one of the islands off the coast, explore caves or visit a coastal town. There seems to be a really nice mix of activities and I imagine that you’ll get some great traditional food as well.

It’s a bit of a trip as you’ll have to fly through Miami (5 hour layover). Because of this I think the only way for this trip to make sense is if you leave on the afternoon of Thursday June 14. You’ll arrive in San Juan early Friday morning and leave on Tuesday morning. There is another flight (same price) which leaves on Tuesday night but you won’t get back home until Wednesday.

See suggested flight itinerary here.

Antigua & Barbuda  – $3,375 TTD

If you’d like to lah hay over to Antigua you have two options: You can either hop on Liat’s Caribbean taxi for $3,638 or take Caribbean Airlines’ direct flight for $3,375. The only issue with CAL’s flight is the only available one leaves on Thursday June 14 and returns on Monday June 18.

View from Sheer Rocks in Antigua

Whichever way you get there, get there! Antigua is gorgeous – take a walk through a rainforest to Rendezvos Bay, spend the day off the island at D Boat, head to Nelson’s Dockyard (UNESCO World Heritage Site), check out at least 3 of their 365 beaches or take a boat ride over to the Pillars of Hercules. Read my lah hay to Antigua for more!

See suggested flight itineraries here and here.

My focus will always be Caribbean travel but if you have a US Visa and you’re thinking more about a trip to North America then you have a couple options. Here are the cheapest ones:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: $1,997 TTD (with a 15 hour layover in Panama)

This is an a great option. It’s affordable and gives you some time in Panama. If you’d rather go to Miami, you can take the Tri Rail from the airport in Fort Lauderdale to Miami where most of the action is. Flight itinerary here.

New York City : $3,463 TTD

Take the first flight out at 12AM on Friday and return late on Tuesday night. Plan your weekend well so you don’t spend your trip like I did. Flight itinerary here.

Of course these prices are only valid for today given the nature of the travel industry but if you get to them quickly you shouldn’t see too much of a difference in flight price.

Once you’re interested, definitely track the flight you’re interested in (see how here). If you’re interested in cutting costs even further then stay in an AirBnb instead of a hotel and make a budget for the trip.

Also, if travel is on your list of things to do but the June long weekend won’t work, have a look at some other date options here.

And if you just don’t have the time or desire to look for accommodation and make a budget and itinerary, you’re in luck as I can help with that, just contact me here

Happy Lah Hay’ing 🙂



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